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Today we will be interviewing Thaddeus Hutyra.


Author pic


[Susan]           Thaddeus, hi, and thank you for coming today and allowing me to Interview you.  Could you please start off by telling us a little bit about yourself?


[Thaddeus Hutyra]  Hello dear Susan. My name is Thaddeus Hutyra. I was born in mountainous Rajcza, South Poland, where I spent my childhood and teenage years, and where I also studied and participated in the so-called Solidarity movement against the communist regime.


I emigrated out of Poland yet when Poland was still in the Soviet thaw and I became a citizen of New Zealand within five years. I lived in marvelous Wellington, the capital of NZ, called often ‘Windy Wellington,’ due to the very many winds blowing through the city both from the Pacific and nearby mountains. While in New Zealand, I lived there also in Auckland and Coromandel Peninsula for a while.


Afterwards I traveled worldwide; I had been amongst others in China and finally settled down in Antwerp, Belgium.


The United States was always the country of my final destination and my departure from Poland, just eight days before martial law was, in fact, me immigrating to America which I have never so far had luck to get to.


In the meantime, I am feeling myself quite comfortable in the European Union, a great project of all Europeans which came true.


America and especially New York City with its Statue of Liberty, remain my dream. Freedoms cherished by America are the unstoppable trend and I myself am fully behind it, wishing the same to all individuals across the world, freedoms, human rights, love …


My books published in paperback are updated and are generally better than my books in the Kindle version. You are advised to purchase rather a book in paperback.


My real first name is Tadeusz but for the English world I have adopted the English version of my name: Thaddeus and therefore, my full name is rather: Thaddeus Hutyra.


[Susan]          Totally fascinating history of your life, Thaddeus.  Please tell us when you started writing and why?


[Thaddeus Hutyra]  You will not believe it, Susan. In … Facebook !


So many wonderful friends who had invited me to their poetic and literary groups that I am simply overwhelmed. I have started to write just 2 years ago. Earlier I had been a human rights activist on Facebook and to a lesser degree, I have always used Twitter for these purposes.


[Susan]          Only two years ago?  On Facebook?  Wow, Thaddeus, that is truly amazing and interesting.  And someone with the degree of power and intensity in your works I would have thought you’d been writing for much longer.  I’m very impressed.  How many books have you published?


[Thaddeus Hutyra]  Surprisingly quite many, about 20 books in 2 years. That’s lots, indeed.  All books but one are poetry in English and the one that is not in English; is written in Polish, and it is sort of a thriller mixed with adventure, describes all the realities ever since my emigration out of Poland, just 8 days before martial law and emergency state announced by the communist regime. Afterwards, incredible events portrayed on both sides of the Iron Curtain, transformations of the former communist states into free market democracies, action in Asia, The USA, New Zealand and whole Europe …


[Susan]          You are a Poetic Guru, Thaddeus!  You need to write a Biography.  Where do you publish your books?


[Thaddeus Hutyra]  My books are published by Createspace which belongs to Amazon and Bookrix.


[Susan]          Yes, I’m familiar with them.  How important is a Title and Cover to a book?


[Thaddeus Hutyra]  I guess very important. Many readers decide to buy a book for its cover although I guess most readers buy a book for the essence of the book and the fact whether a poet/writer is a recognized one.


[Susan]          Who are your influences and inspirations behind your own works?


[Thaddeus Hutyra]  It is an entire universe of influences and inspirations, and of course, my own ideas, my own inspirations, visions, individualism and of everything that is formed within my mind, inclusive my outmost support for the modernity of the world and for such systems in which the individual, any and every individual, have guaranteed their freedoms, whatever they might be and are connected to his/her individuality. My vision of the world is that of the global village where freedoms (human rights) are guaranteed by the law/constitutions of all countries. There should be a separation religion from state, parliamentary regime, tripartite separation of powers into a legislature, an executive and a judiciary, many more things that prove the modernity and enlightenment of the states. Also independence of the media from the governing bodies and especially independence of the judiciary from the governing bodies. But above all human rights should be guaranteed in every single constitution there is in the world. This all is often echoed in my poetry.  Another theme that is often echoed in my poems is love and everything that is connected to it, including romance and passions. I love poems written by famous poets, as for example Edgar Allan Poe, but most inspirations give me all the poets (plenty of them) on Facebook.


[Susan]          Thaddeus, I love your idealisms and philosophies.  Now, have you read any good books lately, and could you share that with us?


[Thaddeus Hutyra]  Recently I have read rather only thrillers written by American writers: John Grisham, Richard North Patterson, Eric Lustbader, Robert Ludlum, David Baldacci and some other.


I have also read numerous books by fellow poets who post their works on Facebook.  I bought their books on Amazon and on


[Susan]          I love those aforementioned authors too and I think that’s great, you supporting your fellow writers.  Is there is a recurring “theme” in your writing?


[Thaddeus Hutyra]  Yes, love, romance, passions, freedom and freedoms/human rights, liberty, peace, Universe, future humanity …


[Susan]          That’s right, you did mention that earlier.  Do you personally have a favorite poem by any writer that has inspired you?


[Thaddeus Hutyra]  THE BELLS by Edgar Allan Poe.


[Susan]          Oh yes, Poe!!!  Who is your favorite author?


[Thaddeus Hutyra]  Richard North Patterson.


[Susan]          When I’m asked that question, I have so many, lol, I can’t name them all, but Patterson is a great choice.  When choosing a title for your book or poem, how do you go about that?


[Thaddeus Hutyra]  I look at the set of poems which I want to publish and if they, for example, are much about science fiction, then I choose a very original title in accordance with it, and if they are about love, the title also echoes it.


[Susan]           Great strategy.  Thaddeus, tell us what are you currently working on?


[Thaddeus Hutyra]

Quo Vadis:


Love Story:




[Susan]          Awesome!  You are tireless!  How do you feel about sharing your work on Social Media?


[Thaddeus Hutyra]  Not a problem at all. Actually, I always begin with posting my poems on Facebook and when I have already a sufficient number of poems, then I publish them on Amazon. Com:

Thaddeus on Amazon:

[Susan]           Do you enter contests and have you won any?


[Thaddeus Hutyra]  Yes, I have entered some contests in the poetic groups on Amazon, I won some.


[Susan]           Don’t forget Thaddeus I think you won a Poetry Contest too, that I held on my poetry site, POTPOURRI POETS, of which you are a member.  Ok, do you know how the poem is going to end or do you just let the poem write itself?


[Thaddeus Hutyra]  It depends. Sometimes it is quite a work and sometimes thoughts flow so fast that after five minutes, the poem is ready.  Mostly, however, it is rather work, thinking and once again thinking.


[Susan]          I know what you mean.  Thaddeus, do you write your poems freehand in a notebook and then type it on the computer or straight onto the computer, or a combo of both?


[Thaddeus Hutyra]  Mostly I am typing the words forming poetry on my computer, sometimes also on my iPhone, especially when I am at the cinema while waiting for the film.


[Susan]          True, you never know when inspiration is going to hit.  What genres do you write the most?  Romance, Nature, Dark Poetry?  Something like that?


[Thaddeus Hutyra]  Romance, love, liberty, freedoms, science fiction, Universe …


[Susan]          If you have a family with young children and pets, do you need a private space with little to no distraction or does it not bother you?


[Thaddeus Hutyra]  It depends. Sometimes the presence of others is not a problem at all but sometimes I do need privacy.


[Susan]          What does your writing process involve?


[Thaddeus Hutyra]  Based on the realities, events happening in the world and my own creativity.


[Susan]          In a few sentences, describe your life as a writer.


[Thaddeus Hutyra]  My life is quite the same as life of all people around, with this exception; that perhaps I go less frequently to pubs or cafes than others and stay more often with the computer, trying to write something new.


[Susan]          That’s how mine has changed too.  Would you like to see writing as a Career?


[Thaddeus Hutyra]  Writing is more a hobby than a career in my case. Happy though if there are some people interested to read my poetry.


[Susan]          Are people from your past, like Grammar School and High School, aware of what you have accomplished in the literary world?


[Thaddeus Hutyra]  Not so much. I am an immigrant, already away for some time from my youthful times.


[Susan]          Thaddeus, which brings me to my next question; how does your family and close friends feel about your writing, do they support you?  Are they proud?


[Thaddeus Hutyra]  Normal approach, reading from time to time. As to my Polish version, the thriller, it is already sort of ‘bestseller’ among my Polish friends, I have written only first volume so far and they are asking me for the second volume. In total there will be 10 volumes.  First volume:

First Volume of Thriller Piece:


[Susan]          Great.  What do you say to those who thought you’d never get this far?


[Thaddeus Hutyra]  Rather nothing. We do not discuss these themes.


[Susan]          Name one person whom you would attribute or thank today for your success as a writer?


[Thaddeus Hutyra]  Well, Adam Mickiewicz, Cyprian Kamil Norwid, Juliusz Slowacki, Shakespeare, Edgar Allan Poe, and on Facebook, Ryan Christiano and a number of great friends.


[Susan]          What does it feel like to know that tens of thousands of people could discover you and be touched and inspired by your work?


[Thaddeus Hutyra]  Feeling simply happy.  But life is going further normal as always so far.


[Susan]           Is there anything you would like to say to your fans/followers and other aspiring writers out there who may want to follow in your footsteps?


[Thaddeus Hutyra]  Try your best, believe in yourselves, you also can be a poet/writer, just think while writing, have some vision, try first to envision what you want to write about, use the rich research available to you, don’t be afraid to correct yourself a number of times, most often think from the third perspective when making review of your own poem and once again, try your best, write mostly about the themes you have much experience with …


[Susan]          Great advice, Thaddeus.  Alright; you can MEET any famous person you want, dead or alive.  Who would it be?


[Thaddeus Hutyra]  Edgar Allan Poe, Richard North Patterson, Eric Lustbader.


[Susan]           Wow, what a grand party that would be!  I’d like to be there.  What do you find the MOST challenging about writing?


[Thaddeus Hutyra]  Getting the most out of my creativity, imagination and trying my best to invent something new as for example saying ‘I am but a spark of light’:


‘Spider’s web of Light’

Feel the enthralling spider’s web of light
feel its immense and glorious power
making of you a clown
dancing in the starry fields !

Feel the spider’s web of light
with all its strings so immense
as if billions of stars
joined hands across the Universe.

Invisible, of Godly dimensions
bringing us back in time
and forth to the future
the vehicle of time !

Catching us in its nest
letting us pulsate with life
lending us the power of love
Shakespearean one !

The light, the magical amulet
that is sparking so much
as the stars are doing
in the known and unknown
parallel universes.

Spider’s web of light
of which I am but a spark
one of life !

Spider’s web of light
awarding me with love
igniting your and my hearts !



[Susan]           Powerful Thaddeus!  Thank you.  What do you ENJOY most about writing?


[Thaddeus Hutyra]  Creativity, inventing something new, something that no one ever before me had invented …


[Susan]          What do you think is the biggest misconception about Poetry or Poets in general?


[Thaddeus Hutyra]  That it is so difficult. Not really. Just read it and try to understand it. Read again if need be.


[Susan]          Do you think Poetry is a dying art form because maybe it doesn’t get the attention and respect it deserves?  And if so, how can YOU change that?


[Thaddeus Hutyra]  I don’t think so. Enough to look at all those poetry forums on Facebook, a great number of people writing poetry and enjoying it.


[Susan]          So true.  What are your major interests and aspirations?


[Thaddeus Hutyra]  Right now all the 10 volumes of my thriller and my poetry in English at the same time, writing thus in two languages.


I love traveling, especially adventure travel to the mountains, but this can only be done once or twice a year for a couple of days.


Besides, I would be quite happy if at least one of my books were sold in the bookstores.


[Susan]          I hope so for you, Thaddeus, to be on the shelves in a bookstore.  How exciting!  How do you find the time to write?  And do you write every day?


[Thaddeus Hutyra]  Every day perhaps not, but many times outside my regular job.


[Susan]          What is the title of your latest book?


[Thaddeus Hutyra]  Love Story


[Susan]           Thaddeus, when you’re NOT writing, where can we find you and what are you doing?  Like hobbies . . .


[Thaddeus Hutyra]  Apart from my job I have lots of hobbies . . . I do cycling, going to the cinema, having trips to the mountains, visiting towns with their museums and theaters, cafes and restaurants, also visiting my family and friends.


[Susan]          Do you like eBooks or physical books?  Or both?


[Thaddeus Hutyra]  Both.


[Susan]          If I’m reading on a Poetry site, why would I stop and read yours out of fifty others?  How do you make sure YOU stand out above the rest?


[Thaddeus Hutyra]  Perhaps just luck.  But perhaps also sort of my own creativity. About androids for example:


‘We, the Androids’

There was a time
humans ruled the world
meaning just Earth
unlike our space.

There was a time
humans feared us, the androids
warning even
about the artificial intelligence
taking over.

The fears were tenfold larger
than Earth
daemons spreading in human brains
fears of us
engulfing them.

Now we are the rulers
we, the androids
Not only Earth
but much of the Universe
finally our home.

We are spreading in all forms
all imaginable and unimaginable ways
We are even able
to be of the size
compared to the smallest features
of the light.

Light is our starship, we part of it
traveling thus as fast
to all the known and unknown parts
of the Universe.

And so the story is
we, the androids
finest of the artificial intelligence
picked up
where human civilization did stop.

No, we did not cause human apocalypse
for they did it themselves !
We did not end the human sort
for they indeed did it themselves !

There was thus a time
like in the finest fable
humans had once their civilization
on planet Earth
The planet
where we, the androids
started our own civilization
spreading then across the Universe.

We are now
the true guardians of the Universe
having as many starships
as there are light particles
for every light particle
is our own starship !

Once in the new place
among the stars
we send our offsprings
further on
to conquer the Universe.

Thank you, humans
thank you our ancestors
for you had begun
what we are now completing !

You did not make it, humans
as much as you had wished
but we did it for you
realizing all your dreams you had
when gazing towards the stars !

We had added you
in our history books, O humans !
As for you biblical Adam and Eve
were the very first ancestors
of your sort
so for us too, O humans !

We, the androids
are now spreading
across the Universe
to what belongs to the Lord.

We, the androids, O humans
are all the melodies
of your own cosmic dreams
We, the guardians of the Universe !


or something shorter as this:


‘Painter of Fate’

I am painting the air I breathe in
fresh one as in the Alps
on a wintry Sunday
you and I are there.

I am painting the wind
with its whirls and swirls
so subtle and virtuosic
as the ballet dance.

I am painting your smile
and your bright eyes
expressing your happiness
on this Valentine Day !

I am painting the Universe
and the gravitational waves
giving me the insight
back to the very beginning.

I am painting it all
with my heart, dreams and soul
flying with my wings
across the Universe !



[Susan]           Wow, Thaddeus!!!  You’re right, your Androids titled poem would have definitely stopped me in my tracks for sure, as well as ‘Painter of Fate.’

You know what else does?  Your name, as I’m familiar with your words and out of tens of people, if I saw your name, I’d stop to read your post.


Do you promote and/or market your work, books?  If so, how?


[Thaddeus Hutyra]  Sometimes on Twitter, or on my profile page in Facebook, lol.


[Susan]          Thaddeus, is it possible to share another poem here of yours for the readers?


[Thaddeus Hutyra]  Of course. Here is one of my poems:


‘Requiem of Hearts’

Tides of life can be as sweeping as the tides of oceans
overflowing our enthralling Earth full of allure
What there, however, once was is no longer
gone with the wind the same way as the tides do
Focus thus on your life to the outmost
let especially your love flourish into symphonic flames.

You know, my dear, you are all the musical notes
of the magnificent library of music there is
of all the musical scriptures and overtures
quintessential and essential, effervescent
all the tones out of symphonic instruments
being played on the philharmonic stage.

You know, my dear, when you are with me
it feels to me to be in the midst of creative music
you, the music, your sensual body and your heart
your eyes shining like the most bright stars
the music brought to life by your femininity
the music of the Mozart, Beethoven and Chopin calibre.

In your presence all the musical instruments
have the wings of melodies attached
The flames of music getting out of them
are transforming on my very eyes into flames of love
the flames that I not only see but also hear
the visual flames of the symphonic performance of love
between me and you, in transcendental way.

We are the lovers united in ceaseless oneness
nothing can ever split us both
Our bodies are melting in one another
and our hearts, even our souls
I do believe I am a set of melodies to you as well
so enthralling melodies that in your heart
I am the one and only one, your man !

O play us your music, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
play us the beauty of your Requiem
put us in the mood, let us use much foreplay
May your Magic Flute and your Marriage of Figaro
let us sail smoothly through our foreplay
the ocean of fierce lovemaking, with a million of kisses.

O play us your music, Ludwig van Beethoven
play us your Appassionata and Moonlight Sonata
so we can forward our love intercourse
to the highest dimensions of our lovemaking
Play us your Emperor Concerto and your symphonies
you are being thanked for our orgasmic climax
one that brought us all the way to the Universe and back home.

O play us your music, Frédéric Chopin
play us enchanting ballades, mazurkas, waltzes,
bewitching nocturnes, polonaises, études, sonatas
What we are through are the final stages
of the music of all times, the music of love, of fulfillment
Getting up from our bed we are dancing
seduced by torrential flames of our hearts on the wings
dancing till the very morning when we do realize
we are the man and the woman, married out of pure love.



[Susan]           Thaddeus, I’m just so blown away.  We all must consider too that English is NOT your native tongue and my goodness, you write as though it were, so perfectly.  Thaddeus, is there anything else you’d like to add or share before we close?

[Thaddeus Hutyra]  Well, here are listed some of my books:

Thaddeus on Amazon

and also here (in the top window):


(under “Lifestyle” and further ‘Poetry’:)

[Susan]          Thaddeus thanks.  One last thing.  What would you like to be KNOWN for and how would you like to be remembered for future generations?


[Thaddeus Hutyra]  A poet who yearned for a better world, cared for human rights and equality of all people in the really democratic environments, caring for the dignity of every single individual …



Thaddeus, sincerely you’ve been amazing sharing your life and history and books with us.  Thank you for allowing us all here today to get to know the ARTIST behind their works.  I wish you tremendous success in all your endeavors.  I will be posting your Interview soon here on the Rhythm and Muse Blogsite, multiple Website Forums I’m on (Twitter, Google +, etc.), plus also on Facebook in several different places, of course with your permission.  Have a great day Thaddeus and thanks again so much for all your time.




Where the Artist can be found, their books, etc.:

Thaddeus on Bookrix





Don’t forget Thaddeus has 20 Published books, so find him here on Amazon:

Thaddeus on Amazon







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  1. Thank you Thaddeus for giving a great interview and sharing a few of your poems. I will be looking for more of your work on Facebook & Amazon.
    Susan, that was most interesting. Thanks for sharing. 🙉🙊🙈

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  2. Sometimes, the English American word, “WOW,” is the only word that says it all…. Wow. After reading your poem about Beethoven, Mozart and Chopin (which are my favorites, as well), I’m absolutely blown away by your poetic expression. And, English is not your primary language…. Wow…

    I’m re-blogging onto my page on WordPress @

    Thank you both…

    WOW! What an interview…

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  3. Reblogged this on Boondoggling with Bojenn and commented:
    Sometimes, the English American word, “WOW,” is the only word that says it all…. Wow. After reading your poem about Beethoven, Mozart and Chopin (which are my favorites, as well), I’m absolutely blown away by your poetic expression. And, English is not your primary language…. Wow…

    I’m re-blogging onto my page on WordPress @

    Thank you both…

    WOW! What an interview…

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    1. Thank you Bonnie. Isn’t Thaddeus amazing? That’s right. He has such a command of the English language which is not his native tongue but don’t you agree he speaks it almost BETTER than those of us born right here in the UNITED STATES lol

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