Hi, I’m Author Susan Joyner-Stumpf.  Being a Published Author and Certified Graphics Artist myself, I am always curious to uncover the artist BEHIND their work, whether it be a writer, artist who draws, musician and/or singer/songwriter.  Here on my site, Rhythm and Muse Artist Spotlight, I interview Artists of all genres and talk about their inspirations, their passions, their current endeavors and future projects.  If you’re looking for a good book to read, maybe you will find it after reading the Interview; or wanting to discover new art to look at and possibly buy?  Or music to listen to?  Come to Rhythm and Muse Artist Spotlight Interviews and meet the Artists that keep Art Alive and Breathing in our world today!!


Today we will be interviewing

Author Pejmon Javadi.




[Susan]           Pejmon hi, and thank you for coming today and allowing me to Interview you.  Could you please start off by telling us a little bit about yourself?


[Pejmon]        Hello there, My Name is Pejmon Javadi and I go by PJ. I enjoy Philosophy as this has even increased in recent times, and I love history. I like to continue to learn about life and the World. I enjoy music and love art, period.


[Susan]           Please tell us when you started writing and why?


[Pejmon]        I began around 2013 or so, as I had to have this very serious medical surgery, as it was the only option at the time. I feel that is what began my path into writing, and the inspiration for it.


[Susan]           Have you published any books, and, if so, how many?


[Pejmon]        Yes, with the help of WildFire Publications, and Author Susan Joyner Stumpf, I have been able to have three books published.


[Susan]           That’s great, Pejmon.  Now, how important or critical do you think, are Titles and Book Covers?



[Pejmon]        I believe in titles, and Book covers, and I feel they set the stage. So, I feel they are very Crucial.


[Susan]           Who are your major influences and inspirations behind your own works?


[Pejmon]        I love mysterious poets such as Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost, William Blake, Edger Alan Poe, Bram Stokers. I love Persian Poets, like Hafiz, Rumi, and Sadie. I love Philosophers Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and I am continually Studying more in this area, of Greek Philosophy, which is a huge influence for me.


[Susan]           Fantastic influences, I must say.  Have you read any good books lately, and would you mind sharing those with us?


[Pejmon]        I’ve read and still am reading the Republic by Plato, which is a fascinating book to me. It consists of, 10 books, which basically means 10 chapters. So, all the areas of the arguments that take place, and the heated discussion among Socrates and others, topics such as what is Justice, and the theory of the Caves, and so on. I refer to this book a lot, and I know that it is helping me much with my writing.


[Susan]           You are are quite the intellectual, Pejmon, as I’ve noticed these influences in your own style of writing and I can see it.  Let’s see, is there a recurring “theme” that runs through the vein of your writing?


[Pejmon]        Yes, Life’s mysteries and vastly different philosophies, by Cultures, and the Global verities.


[Susan]           Do you personally have a favorite poem by any writer that has inspired you?


[Pejmon]        I love Dickinson’s “If I can stop one heart from breaking.”

Also, The Tyger By William Blake.


[Susan]           I KNOW this is a hard one, and probably, like for many of us, there isn’t just ONE:  but do you have a favorite author?


[Pejmon]        I would say Emily Dickinson, but yes, I love many others.


[Susan]           How do you go about choosing titles for your books, quotes, stories or poems?


[Pejmon]        I brainstorm after I have written my Quotes, and have decided to collect them for my Book. At that time, I brainstorm with titles that would be related to my quotes.


[Susan]           I have to admit your titles for your books and Quotes Pejmon are quite outstanding and catchy, I would agree.  Do you write anything OTHER than strictly Quotes and which do you prefer?  The reason I’m asking is that I’ve always heard, strangely enough, that not all your well-known-established Novelists are Poets, but many Poets, Quote Writers out there, like myself, are Prose writers, Songwriters, Short Story writers, and Novelists.  Do you know what I mean?


[Pejmon]           Well, I find that some of my quotes may be similar to lyrics, which I’ve heard from people. Sometimes, I like to write to picture challenges.  When I do write to a Picture, I think of a story for the Picture or Painting so, it becomes Poetic, In my view. However, to be truthful, I only write when I am in the mood, and that is when I do my best Work, it seems to me.


[Susan]           Can you tell us what you are currently working on?


[Pejmon]        I just recently finished My third book, which Author Susan Joyner Stumpf and Deborah Langford from WildFire Publications did the publishing. It’s titled “Expanding lights into Global hearts.”  Currently, I am studying more about Greek Philosophy.


[Susan]           Wow, Greek Philosophy.  No wonder your writing is so detailed and deeply spiritual.  How do you feel about sharing your work on Social Media?


[Pejmon]        I often do share on Social media, which is primarily on Facebook, but I also have copies on the side.    I do feel that as writers the work should be protected, and so I always do put the Copyright sign, ©, And also take photos of my work.


[Susan]           I never thought of that, how interesting a way to protect yourself, I admire that, Pejmon.  How do you feel about entering contests and have you won any?


[Pejmon]        I have not been involved in contests other than I do use picture challenges, on A Poets Heaven which is a closed group and I like to take part in the picture challenges. I have had the honor of some of my work being selected. I very much enjoy this and love to become better as I grow in the learning process, with my writing skills.


[Susan]           I’ve noticed your progression since your first book.  Pejmon, do you know how a Quote is going to end or do you just allow the Quote to write itself?


[Pejmon]           Often, I just begin on my computer and begin with a phrase, and then the rest usually flows, but I do go through it several times before it is completed. So, to answer your question, I am able to let It flow, but there have been cases where I’ve been able to think of an ending or a beginning, or simply a phrase that may come to mind.


[Susan]           This may seem like a silly question, but I’m curious as to the others’ methods of madness.  Do you write your Quotes freehand in a notebook and then type it directly on the computer or straight smack on the computer or Cell phone, or all of the above, just depending?


[Pejmon]           Its interesting that you do ask this, but as I mentioned above, I do basically sit at my computer, and begin. I have a notebook but rarely use it. I’m trying to get into that habit, however.


[Susan]           What genres do you write primarily:  Romance, Nature, Spiritual, Erotic, Horror-Thriller, Dark, etc.?  And I guess this question could also lead into any kind of personal “style” you have adopted as your signature, i.e., Free Verse, Traditional?


[Pejmon]           I feel like I’m more Philosophical than a poet. Yet, I’ve written to picture challenges, and that is where I become more poetic.  Great paintings are so intriguing to me. Sometimes, I am immediately able to read and talk its language, and so I am able to Write to it. However, I love life, and I am mystified by its mysteries and the fantasy world. Nothing to me is impossible, which is where imagination comes in. With that, many have reached unlimited Worlds.


[Susan]           I love what you just said, it just shows the growth in you, Pejmon, since I’ve met you three years ago.


Now, if you have a family with young children or pets crawling all over you; a spouse who doesn’t understand your writing “zone,” do you require the need for private space with little to no distraction or does it not phase you?  Like TV or music in the background?  Telephone ringing off the hook?


[Pejmon]        I do get disturbed if there are distractions, and so I always like my Space in a quiet fashion, in order to do my writing. That is how I am wired if you will.


[Susan]           Is there a method to your madness, lol, as to your own unique writing process?


[Pejmon]        Actually just quiet space, as I write. So, that is my way.


[Susan]           In a few sentences, describe your life as a writer.  For instance, has anything changed or not at all?


[Pejmon]        I have a greater sense of awareness, more determined, and I feel that I am more awake towards Nature, and life.


[Susan]           Me too.  To open the cliché, I stop and smell more roses when they are in bloom.  Pejmon, would you like to see writing as a Profitable, Professional Career or is it more or less a hobby, a Labor of Love, at this point?


[Pejmon]           I do not think of it as a career, per say. I love to write, so I love to share my thoughts, whenever possible. I love learning and becoming better as a Writer.


[Susan]           Are people from your past, like Grammar School and High School, childhood friends, aware of what you have accomplished in the literary world?


[Pejmon]           Yes, some of them have, and I have received their blessings.  I am very grateful to be able to Write.


[Susan]           Pejmon, which brings me to my next question; how does your family and close friends feel about your writing, do they support you?  Are they proud?


[Pejmon]           With some of them, the ones that I have contacts with, they are Proud.


[Susan]           Ok, on the flip side of the coin, what do you say to those who thought you’d never get this far?  Or do you even care?


[Pejmon]        I just try to be myself and do my art the best way I know how.  I also realize this fully. I will never be able to inspire or impress everyone, and that is because this World is vast, and not everyone has the same interests or tastes. I still try to do my work and move forward by improving myself.  That is my view.


[Susan]           I always say be true to thyself and the rest will follow.


Now, Pejmon, name one person whom you feel is instrumental in your success today as a writer, anyone you would like to personally thank for believing in you when no one else did?


[Pejmon]        My Friend, Kevin McCoy who is a well-known professional Author.  He has been greatly supportive of me. I thank you, Kevin.


[Susan]           What does it feel like to know that tens of thousands of people could discover you and be touched and inspired by your work?


[Pejmon]        That would be the honor of a lifetime. I would be humbled beyond words. It would feel great to know that even if one person was inspired by my work, that would be very thrilling for me.


[Susan]           Pejmon, many, including myself, are inspired by your works, that is no doubt.  Is there anything you would like to say to your fans/followers and other aspiring writers out there who may want to follow in your literary footsteps?


[Pejmon]        That I am proud of each and every one, and that I support Art and inspirational life Styles. Never give up on your hopes and dreams, and always strive to achieve your best.


[Susan]           Great advice.  Now, you can MEET any famous person you want, dead or alive.  Who would it be?


[Pejmon]        Dead, it would be Emily Dickinson. Alive I would love to Meet Elton John and Bernie Taupin. I’ve been a huge fan of their music, and I am proud to say that I will be seeing Elton John in his Farewell tour, even though, I have seen him live around 13 times. Yes, I am a huge Fan.


[Susan]           Wow!!!!  You’ve seen Elton John that many times, that is awesome, Pejmon.  I’m jealous, lol, as I too admire this Iconic Legendary Figure and his writer, Bernie Taupin.


What do you find the most CHALLENGING about writing?


[Pejmon]        Sometimes, the thoughts do not happen, and that is when I leave and come back at a later time, to finish. The fact that it does not happen as easily and Conveniently, as one would like. It takes Work.


[Susan]           This is true, to walk away and come back with a new perspective.  What do you ENJOY most about writing?


[Pejmon]        The ability to be inspired, and hopefully inspire others. The depth that one can bring out. Phrases that can become magical and inspirational. The Mystery of the World of Writing is Contagious, in my view.


[Susan]           Yes, it is contagious, the fact that we can inspire others is what I love about it too.  What do you think is the biggest misconception about Poetry or Writers in general today?


[Pejmon]        The fact that every poet can become famous, or make tons of money overnight. I believe that is a huge misconception. The fact that every ink must become a masterpiece, and that is a huge misconception. Not Losing track of the True Goal, which is to write for the love of writing, is the true form of the art, in my view.


[Susan]           I totally agree, it’s the love of writing that should be the driving force.  Pejmon, do you think Poetry or other forms of writing is a dying art form because maybe it doesn’t get the attention and respect it deserves?  And if so, how would YOU go about changing that?


[Pejmon]        I think there are many distractions in this day and age. I feel that true original art forms, by original artists, do not receive the attention, or respect that is deserved.  In reality, however, I feel that art will always be alive, as history will always live. So, I do not feel that Poetry or other art forms have ever died, rather they take vacations, from time to time.  I do feel they are on the comeback, however.


[Susan]           You make me feel better, Pejmon, thank you for that.  What are your chief interests and aspirations?


[Pejmon]        To become the best that I can be in life. To do my best each day and to always strive for my best. To gain a better knowledge of cultures and to live life with enthusiastic fronts, that will live into eternity.


[Susan]           Wow, even your answers are sublime and deeply spiritual.  How do you find time to write?  Do you write every day?


[Pejmon]        Often, I may write few times per week, but this is not always routine.


[Susan]           What is the title of your latest book?


[Pejmon]           “Expanding Lights, into Global Hearts.”


[Susan]           Pejmon, when you’re NOT writing, where can we find you and what are you doing?


[Pejmon]           I try to polish up my Musical Skills, as this is another passion in my life. I can usually be reached on my Facebook, and email accounts which are provided in my books.


[Susan]           Do you like eBooks or physical books?  Or both?


[Pejmon]        I like both. I enjoy reading on digital networks, but then I like to refer to physical books. So, I feel both are crucial.


[Susan]           Pejmon: I’m reading on a Poetry Forum site.  Why would I stop and read yours out of fifty others?  How do you make sure YOU stand out above the rest?


[Pejmon]        My hope is that I can touch depths of life, where the interest would be contagious, and unavoidable. I like my words to touch lives and cause inspirations come to life.


[Susan]           And I feel you DO ACCOMPLISH THAT, Pejmon.  Do you promote and/or self-market your works, books?  If so, what avenue do you utilize to “put yourself out there” for exposure purposes?


[Pejmon]        I am thrilled and honored that I have found WildFire Publications. Other than that, the internet is a great tool, I believe.   I do promote my books with friends and those who love to read my quotes.


[Susan]           Pejmon, is it possible to share a Quote here of yours for the readers?


[Pejmon]        Yes, Of course.  I will write a quote from my latest book “Expanding lights into global Hearts. “This is on Page 111.


“Deep intensions promote Fashioned Depths, for each day can be filled with Passion, and thus resulting in true creative depths.”


[Susan]          That is beautiful and what I expect when I come across your body of work.  Is there anything else you’d like to add or share before we close?


[Pejmon]        I just like to take this opportunity and thank all those who read my work and that I am deeply blessed and humbled, for their interests.  It is always my pleasure to share my thoughts. Thank you, Susan, for taking this time and interviewing me and hearing my views, on these matters.          I am deeply humbled.


[Susan]           It is my honor to showcase you, my good friend.  One last thing.  What would you like to be KNOWN for and how would you like to be best remembered for future generations?


[Pejmon]        My hope is that I can be remembered for making some differences for the better. I hope and Pray that Freedom becomes the wide range global unity for all men, Women, and Children. I hope that one day, many will look back, and be joyful in the fact that Some Words have made actual differences, for the better of this World. Thus, I say that expressive hearts must become unified, for all time.




[Susan]           Pejmon, I agree, words are eternal and can change the world.  I  want to thank you for allowing us all here today to get to know the ARTIST behind their works.  I wish you tremendous success in all your endeavors.  I will be posting your Interview soon here on the Rhythm and Muse Blogsite, multiple Website Forums I’m on (Twitter, Google +, TSU, etc.), plus also on Facebook in several different places, of course with your permission.  Have a great day Pejmon and thanks again so much for all your time.




Where the Artist can be found, their books, etc.:



FB  address : Javadi.



My Books are Available on

Amazon, and Barnes and noble.

















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